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  • Mattress production @Formafoam

    • 20.09.2019

    As proudly presented to you on interzum-cologne 2019 our next generation # BV.Don't hesitate to contact us about the possibilities and opportunities. Learn more

  • EUCATEC® – The new brand of technical foam

    • 01.08.2019

    With the new EUCATEC® EUPEN Foam Products offers a wide range of technical foams. These meet the strict requirements for flame delay and emissions, providing you with safe and high-quality foams. Learn more

  • Warehouse space @Formafoam

    • 21.06.2019

    Are the corridors in your warehouse becoming narrow?
    Formafoam BV can provide that extra bit of #, so that your #foam products will be delivered when you need them.s and opportunities. Learn more