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  • Formafoam BV

    • 28.09.2022

    Under the guidance of Oxana, a beautiful Dutch collaboration has been established with Arli Group B.V. , Formafoam BV, Mercom and Deltex in bedding for Ukrainian refugees. A donation of Mattresses, fitted sheets, duvets, pillows and duvet covers Learn more

  • Covid Update

    • 17.05.2021

    During this Covid crisis, we want to give a big support to all our customers and suppliers.

    We are very proud of you, that despite the very difficult circumstances, you are able to maintain your business and keep on selling and supplying.
    The current market is complex in terms of availability and costs of materials, but thanks to your #commitment, determination and innovation we continue to flourish together.

    We understand that this is not self-evident in these strange times..

    Hold on a little longer!

    A sincere thanks from Formafoam BV. Learn more

  • NEW ERP @Formafoam

    • 04.02.2021

    Getting ready for a data-driven future! We toast our new collaboration for a more automated and lean way of working. #ERP new Learn more