Top-class products for bedding, furniture and packaging


We produce mattresses, pillows and orthopedic aids as finished end products for the medical sector and consumermarket. We manufacture the core of the products ourselves, or in collaboration with our partners. This means you can get everything from simple foam layers to complete mattresses, including spring core, bamboo or hemp layers. This also applies to pillows. We can produce either just the foam core or the complete pillow with cover. Our mattress and pillow covers are produced by one of our partners . All our products for the medical sector will be delivered to CE standards. We can pack the mattresses and pillows individually or together, depending on your needs. The products are delivered on pallets or in boxes.

You tell us what you need and we deliver your mattresses and pillows accordingly.


We manufacture and supply furniture to your specifications, covering everything from simple foam blocks to parts for refined high-end pieces. We produce to order and can deliver the required quantity within just one week. Here too, the choice is yours. We can produce individually assembled and glued products, and deliver them when you need them. All in the right packaging.

We have the answers and solutions to any challenges in furniture production.


We supply customers from the packaging industry with all kinds of packaging. The requirements here are as diverse as the applications. Anything is possible, from napped foam to special technical foams made from ethylene and ester. Our products are used to pack delicate products and premium electronic devices requiring special electrostatic protection.


Whatever you want to pack, we have the right packaging product for your needs.