Why choose Formafoam?

Technology: Our machinery

The modern machines at our production facilities cover all cutting technologies. This gives us a variety of processing options to meet our customers’ requirements. We use full production lines to turn foam blocks into finished products in complete and automated processes. Recent years have also seen us make major investments in new technologies. For our customers, this means that we can cover the entire supply chain.


People: Our service

From the moment they pick up the phone or send an email, our customers can count on expert support. We closely analyse the order and clarify any questions early on. We can even point to things that you might never have thought of. We react immediately to all requests and can quickly provide information about the state of your project.

Organisation: Our data management

We use a sophisticated data management system to administer production and process data. This allows us to provide information and react quickly to your questions at all times. Once we have made a product once, we can produce it again and again. We can also supply models that were first produced several years previously. This applies to the entire group.


Knowledge: Our expertise

Many of our customer relationships go back years. Our experienced employees have in-depth knowledge of products from the bedding, furniture and packaging sectors. Even if you have the best machinery, successful production always depends on the expertise of the people involved. This is especially true for custom products.


You can rely on us. We value direct, personal contact with our customers. We respond to requests immediately and can deliver your products whenever you need them.