Our Mission, Vision, Values


What is our purpose

Supplying high-quality and sustainable products, with great added value for our customers.


What are we trying to achieve

We want to be known as a stable and trusted organization which strives for sustainable partnerships.


How we achieve our vision

We invest in long term customer relations.
To achieve this, we apply a personal approach based on a high service level.
We create optimal mutual added value and progress.


Our 5 Core Values

  • We deliver on our promise.

  • We show unconditional commitment and get the best out of ourselves every single day.

  • We are friendly, helpful and stick to the basics.

  • We operate based on respect and integrity towards our colleagues, customers and suppliers.

  • We undertake, develop and feel socially responsible.


Technology: Our machinery

The modern machines at our production facilities cover all cutting technologies.This gives us a variety of processing options to meet our customers’ requirements. We use full production lines to turn foam blocks into finished products in complete and automated processes. In recent years we made some major investments in new technologies. We cover our customer’s entire supply chain.

Organisation: Our data management

We use a sophisticated data management system to administer production and process data. This allows us to quickly react to customer questions and provide information at all times. Once we have made a product, we can re-produce it over and again. We can also supply models that were first produced several years ago. This applies to the entire group.


Premium quality

By using premium raw materials, we produce high-quality products, with a lifespan which is significantly longer compared to products with lesser quality, i.e. the end consumer has to replace his product less often.

Our main raw material suppliers are all located in Western Europe.

Residual materials

We strive to minimize residual materials. 
Our processes are organized in such a way that no unnecessary residues are created. 
All production residues are recycled. These are only paper/plastic/foam.

The very small percentage of residual materials is removed and presented separately to certified waste processors according to a standard procedure.

This means that all residual material are processed and reused by various parties. 
For example; all PU residual material is sold and reused in bonded foam. 


In recent years, major investments have been made in our business premises, machines and installations.

Our production has been redesigned to save time and energy. We strive to implement as many energy-saving measures as possible.

In 2023, the business premises will be further expanded with 2 warehouses that meet the highest requirements. These will be equipped with solar panels.


Our service

Our customers can always count on our expert support.
We immediately react to requests and can quickly provide information about the status of any project. We closely analyze all new orders and clarify any questions early on.
Our team tries to advise our customers in a proactive manner. Due to our expertise we might think of certain aspects that our customers might not. 

Knowledge: Our expertise

Many of our customer relationships go back years. Our experienced employees have in-depth knowledge of products from the bedding, furniture and packaging sectors. Even if you have the best machinery, successful production always depends on the expertise of the people involved. This is especially true for custom products.

We are here for you

Our core values ​​define who we are, how we work and what we stand for. 
These values are the moral compass of our organization.

However much we may differ from each other, we work together on an equal footing, based on our own qualities.

You can rely on us. We value direct, personal contact with our customers. We respond to requests immediately and can deliver your products whenever you need them.