Kabelfabriek Eupen N.V. Division Comfortfoam


KABELWERK EUPEN began its pioneer work in Polyurethane foams back in the nineteen fifties. Since 1989 KABELWERK EUPEN has been able, on the basis of its own patented processes, to produce foam products which avoid the use of environmentally threatening agents such as ozone-damaging CFCs.

The entirely seperate facility dedicated to foam production by KABELWERK EUPEN incorporates a state-of-the-art manufacture and storage complex with an effective surface area of 35,000 m². The technical facilities are always in deeping with the latest technological developments and bespeak the innovative decisions of the responsible management.

The foam production factory provisions its own processing facilities in Belgium, Germany, France and Netherlands, in order that the particular national or regional requirements of our customers and partners can be optimally taken care of.

The foam works was awarded with the ISO 9001 certificationin April 1995. In 1989 with theMilieu certification

The brand "EUPEN" stands for quality, availability and confidence.